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Catherine Jermany Elias Executive Director
The National Self-Help Law Project is a California for-profit corporation solely owned by Stephen Roger Elias and Catherine Elias-Jermany.
Catherine has been an innovator for over thirty years in the fields of legal training, career and business development.She served as the Director of Paralegal Training and Career Development for the National Legal Services Corporation between 1974 and 1980.She then turned her expertise to designing and implementing a series of legal and business education programs for Nolo Press, the National Association for Independent Paralegals and the National Paralegal Institute.Catherine currently is the Executive Director of the National Self-Help Law Project, co-author of The Independent Paralegal's Handbook (Nolo Press) and training consultant for the California Association of Legal Document Assistants., 1 Jan 2001 

From her days as a community advocate in South Central Los Angeles in the 1950's and 60's through her current directorship of the National Self-Help Law Project, Catherine Jermany Elias has been on the frontlines in the struggle against poverty and injustice.She has pursued this mission as founder of the Dependency Prevention Center and the National Association of Independent Paralegals and through her work at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, National Welfare Rights Organization, Children's Defense Fund, National Paralegal Institute, and Legal Services Corporation.

A prolific trainer and training designer and author of countless of training manuals, exercises and simulations, Catherine pioneered many of the training techniques that are evident in Benchmark's training design and the real life characters that inhabit our simulations.Her influence is felt most profoundly in the way Benchmark chooses to do legal training, through discussion and interactive exercises instead of talking heads; caring, collaborative relationships instead of competitive anonymity.

Whether representing individuals in administrative hearings, mediating disputes among groups or doing legislative advocacy on behalf of millions, Catherine is dedicated to building people's capabilities so that they can move out of poverty. Insistent on mutual responsibility and respect between the client community and legal workers, she uses legal knowledge to bolster self-reliance.She continues to devote her energies to advocate for the critical role that paralegals, clients and community advocates play in delivery of legal services for low-income people.

Catherine is the co-author of The Independent Paralegal's Handbook., 5 Jan 2007

The Bankruptcy Law Project Inc. was founded in 1989 and is operated by Stephen Roger Elias, and Catherine Jermany Elias.
Catherine Jermany Elias, Vice President of the National Bankruptcy Law Project, Inc., is an author, mediator, radio talk-show host and producer.She is a member of the board of directors of HALT, Inc. (Americans for Legal Reform) and co-author of The Independent Paralegal's Handbook (currently out of print).As a long time civil rights advocate and legal specialist, Catherine developed business and legal training systems currently being utilized throughout the USA.She has been an innovator for over forty years in these fields and in media and publishing.She also served as a health research specialist for the Children's Defense Fund and established and then directed the Paralegal Training and Career Development Department of the national Legal Services Corporation. She is also the founder of the California Association of Legal Document Assistants (CALDA).

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