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Steve and Catherine Elias produced and hosted weekly news and talk shows at KPFZ 88.1fm Lakeport, CA for over a decade, and both served on the Board of Lake County Community Radio.

STEPHEN RODGER ELIAS (1941-2011), a foundational member of Lake County Community Radio (LCCR), served on the Board of Directors for over ten years and hosted numerous morning radio programs for KPFZ 88.1 fm since the inception of the station in September, 2001 (9-1-1). Steve was known for his passion and commitment to serving the people, especially those without a voice. Steve wrote and edited numerous self-help law books for Nolo Press that largely comprise the publisher's book list, and enable the general public to research their own legal problems or proceed in pro bono cases. Steve was responsible for changing unfair legal practices through his astute intelligence and breadth of understanding criminal law, and his founding and directing Self-Help Law reflected this philosophy.

Steve's love of and his devotion to his wife of 35 years, Catherine Jermany-Elias, and her support for him in radio, law and their other broad interests in sports, music and community development enriched the fabric of their lives. After Steve's death in 2012 Catherine continued his legacy in their partnered work through the founding of the Bankruptcy Law Project.  

Their common love for their children and extended family and Steve's life and the way he lived it represent many elements of peace: honesty, kindness, compassion, wisdom, perseverance, tolerance, understanding, generosity, loyalty, inclusion and empathy towards those in need, inspiring all who knew and loved him.

PBS NEWSHOUR - Click here for transcript: Power to the People with Catherine Jermany Elias and Andy Weiss

Steve's Book & Software List:

  • Nolo’s Guide to California Law 10th Edition
  • Your Limited Liability Company 5th Edition
  • The California Landlord’s Law Book: Rights & Responsibilities 13th
  • The California Landlord’s Law Book: Evictions 13th Edition
  • The Guardianship Book for California 7th Edition
  • Legal Research 15th Edition
  • Form Your Own Limited Liability Company 6th Edition
  • How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation in California 13th Edition
  • Special Needs Trusts 3rd Edition
  • How to Form Your Own California Corporation 13th Edition
  • Building a Parenting Agreement That Works 6th Edition
  • How to Probate an Estate in California 20th Edition
  • Patent Pending in 24 Hours 5th Edition
  • The Foreclosure Survival Guide (New information on the latest Federal Programs) 2nd Ed
  • Social Security, MediCare & Government Pensions 15th Edition
  • A Legal Guide for Lesbians & Gay Couples 14th Edition
  • The New Bankruptcy - Will It Work for You? 3rd Edition
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 9th Edition
  • How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 16th Edition


  • Living Trust Maker
  • WillMaker


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Steve Elias assisted in the establishment of the Lake County Law Library